Damondi Works is a Netherlands-based production company established by producer Maryam Tarami. Our focus is on international collaborations and projects for the international market.

We aim for impactful projects. Our organization is concerned with important issues of our time. We are currently exploring sustainable development. 
Improving employment opportunities for youth in the arts and culture sector is one of our focus areas. In this way we would like to contribute to economic prosperity results. Organizing environmentally friendly projects is another current challenge. Hereby we explore ways to protect the environment.

About us


Maryam Tarami PRODUCER

was born in Teheran, Iran, and raised in the Netherlands. She is a both creative and business-minded person. Maryam graduated as Master in International Business at the University of Twente. Since graduating, she has advised and founded several organisations. She also studied acting at the Drama Academy and Actors Studio earlier. Her strategic business, international experience and entrepreneurial expertise forms the foundation of the organization.


Damondi Works is a not-for-profit organization. Taking into account the Cultural Governance Code, we have three independent board members. These individuals work entirely on a voluntary basis and have a mainly supervisory and advisory role. The board consists of:

Coenraad ter Welle (Chairman)

Maarten Cornelis van Ammers (Secretary)

Yorrick Bakker (Treasurer) 

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